'Battlefield 1' Walkthrough Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Gain Huge Scores Per Minute & Unlock Kolibri, The Smallest Gun

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 26, 2016 03:00 AM EST

"Battlefield 1" is the game that tests teamwork and skills prior to using the gun. In addition, teamwork is the main focus in the game to lead your way to victory while scoring huge, enough to gain Warbonds, the currency to buy guns and other supplements that makes you stronger.

By doing some things and following the objective in the game, you will surely have enough scores. Capturing base is your number one priority and includes killing your enemy who gets in the way of your objective.

How to unlock Kolibri?

To unlock Kolbri, the smallest gun in "Battlefield 1" players must reach Rank 10 in Multiplayer mode and the gun will be available for purchase. Kolibri costs about 150 Warbonds and can be used. This is where the funny part starts because of the ridiculously small sized gun. Despite its 2 MM bullet, you can actually earn your kills with it. However, those killed with this gun is insanely crazy. Who would die from a small bullet? This gun may be hilarious to use because it is only the same size as the palm and using it requires the forefinger and thumb to grip and pull the trigger.

How to get more scores compared to normal rounds?

As mentioned before, gaining huge scores greatly depends if you prioritize your objectives in the game. Making sure you prioritize on the objectives is good, but you must also make sure your friends and team follow the same thing or else your efforts will be in vain.

Second, the squad leader always pays attention to the bases. This is the reason why commands and actions must be performed in capturing or defending a base from being captured. Third, make sure you have a balanced team, two medics and two supports with the assaults ready to tackle enemies in battle. More in-depth cheats can be found here.

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