‘Pokemon Go’ Latest New & Updates: Improved In-Game Tracker May Finally Fend Off Third-Party Trackers, Details Here!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 25, 2016 10:38 PM EST

Niantic has been busy with its updates for “Pokemon Go” though most want something improved for the app proper. This has to do with the in-game tracker, something that has hardly been of any help.

Such has pushed most to resort to third-party app trackers for help though everyone knows that such is technically illegal. It goes against the terms of service of “Pokemon Go” though the developer may have gone a bit soft as of late.

However, all that could change once the next version of “Pokemon Go” comes out. It will reportedly have an improved in-game tracker and claims are that it can even direct players to where the pocket monsters are at, per reports.

If true, this should be a big help for “Pokemon Go” players who are left groping in the dark. While it will still entail walking, the thing here is that they are finally going to directions that make sense.

The bad news is that the new “Pokemon Go” tracker is applicable only to select regions. As mentioned in a previous post, initial deployment was made around the area of San Francisco but new regions have been added.

Among the regions where the “Pokemon Go” feature will be available include that of the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and Australia. That could be good coverage though other parts of the world like Asia are likely hoping to be included.

Either way, the new “Pokemon Go” tracker could come out as a surprise to other regions soon. Most are of course wishing this happens before 2016 comes to a close and anything is possible.

Once the new “Pokemon Go” tracker is deployed, expect Niantic to stiffen up once more on the use of third-party apps. This time around, bans could be back and probably with heftier penalties like permanent game bans.

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