Smart Care Smart Socks Monitor Diabetes; Tracker Uses Temperature Sensors To Observe Foot Injury

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Nov 26, 2016 10:36 PM EST

Diabetes tracking company Siren Care has discovered a smart way to track diabetic health. It has come up with smart socks that use temperature as parameter to detect if a person is diabetic.

Siren Care Smart Socks Identifies Diabetes

While studying the methods of treatment of diabetes at Northwestern University, Siren Care co-founder Ran Ma got inspired to invent a smarter way to track the diabetic health of a person. By using temperature sensors, the device detects inflammation and tracks real-time diabetes.

At the university, the students learnd how to use biomass to lead to the growth of the lost skin and get it back. It was then when the co-founder of Siren Care planned to make something wearable to ensure the detection of injuries and diabetes.

How Siren Care Smart Socks Work

Tech Crunch mentions that diabetic patients with type 1 and type 2 categories of the disease are subject to facing foot swelling and, hence, socks are the best ways to detect it. In addition to this, a diabetic patient might also suffer from foot infection or amputation, if the disease remains undetected. Any disease, if detected earlier, can be controlled. This is what has driven Siren Care co-founders Ma and Veronica Tran have a sensor technology in the socks to detect diabetes.

The whole socks system consists of an app. As soon as the socks detect high-temperature difference in the foot, the app sends an alert to ensure you get your foot checked. "It could be something as simple as you have a shoelace tucked into your shoe and don't feel it and you can get an injury from that," Siren Care co-founder Ma said.

It is to be noted that the Siren Care socks are not the first wearable that help in detecting a diabetic symptom or foot injury. Prior to this, a wireless shoe was developed to track the disease. According to Market Watch, Orpyx's SurroSense RX includes insoles that uses sensors and track the amount of pressure a person exerts on each foot. This is the way it interprets if the person has to visit a diabetes medical expert.

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