'God Eater' Anime Season 2 Latest News & Update: When Will It Be Released? Expectations, What Will Happen To Lindow & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 28, 2016 04:09 AM EST

The first season of "God Eater" animation blew millions of fans that played the game version before. Aside from the overall story that is directly adapted from the game, the new main character named Lenka that has a tragic back story that gave him the reason why he wants to kill the Aragami [monsters that feed and main enemies of humans and God Eaters].

Now, ever since the Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, Lindow Amamiya, the captain of the squad, [spoiler] got his arm bitten off by a more dangerous Aragami called Dyaus Pita. Now, the team, together with Lenka have two things they must take care of-----the small village with residents in it, which will be attacked by several Aragami groups, and saving Lindow, who is fighting the said dangerous Aragami alone.

What will happen to Lindow?

Lindow Amamiya was left behind in order to deal and distract the Dayus Pita from going to the village because of some device hidden underwater that attracts Aragami. However, Alisa Amiella Illinichina, the new-type "God Eater" got consumed by her hatred and horrible memory on the same monster that killed her parents.

This is how Season 1 ended for 'God Eater'. Now, fans are expecting the same story in the game, but others seem to find something new will come out for Season 2 of "God Eater."

The possible new character in the animation?

According to reports, a new character will emerge other than Lenka, which people and fans know. This is a female character that has connections with Lenka and memories with him in the past. Now, this character plans to work with him in "God Eater" season 2 to discover the secrets that lie in the life of the Aragami.

The release is expected to be in the early years of 2017 and this will surely answer every question left from the cliffhanger at the last episode of Season 1. Hopefully, this covers a wide information on what happens next, will this anime follow the story of the game, or will it have a new side story that explains everything that was not explained in the game? For more updates of "God Eater" season 2, stay tuned for more!

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