Microsoft Azure News & Update: Azure Gets a Boost; Microsoft Releases New A_v2-Series VM Sizes

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 28, 2016 08:25 PM EST

Microsoft Azure has announced the release of seven new general purpose computer VM sizes. The updated version of its A-series VM comes with a raised RAM per vCPU and an improved local disk random IOPS, as well.

According to Microsoft, the new A-series VMs are faster than the existing A version 1 sizes. Along with the boost, Microsoft has also given them a new name, which you can view at the official Microsoft Azure blog.

Microsoft Azure Rebrands Instances To Explain Specs

The updated Microsoft Azure A-Series VMs have faster local disk random IOPS for up to two to ten times. The RAM per vCPU is upgraded from 1.75GiB or 7 GiB of RAM to 2 GiB or 8GiB.

"These new sizes use our new VM naming schema which is VM family letter followed by the vCPU's of the VM. The 'm' identifier after the vCPU count signifies our High Memory offerings," said Jon Beck, Microsoft Azure's Program Manager.

Microsoft Azure's A_v2-Series is now available in most regions, although the company hadn't specified which regions these are. The update on its previous instances is expected to provide convenience from customers, given there is no indication for a price increase on the blog. In fact, Microsoft had recently dropped the price on Azure VMs by up to 50 percent, reports MSPowerUser.

Customers using the Windows Server with Software Assurance can avail of the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. This will allow users to run Windows Server workloads at 41 percent lower cost.

Microsoft Azure VS Amazon Web Services

The Microsoft Azure announcement comes shortly before Amazon Web Services' re:Invent Conference this week. The event, which is to take place in Las Vegas, is expected to tackle Amazon Web Services' boost on its own vanilla instances. The company hasn't confirmed the upgrade so far, although news will be delivered during or after the conference.

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