'No Man's Sky' New Update Goes Live! To Feature Normal, Creative, Survival Mode, Base Building, Freighters [Complete Patch Notes]

By Ben Lindon , Updated Nov 29, 2016 07:12 AM EST

"No Man's Sky" patch is now live with three modes to feature. Based on reports, the Foundation Update is going to expand the base game in Normal Mode, Creative Mode and the Survival Mode.

With the "No Man's Sky" update, the base game will be expanded in Normal mode, which is the original chilled exploration game experience, the Creative mode that allows players to explore the universe with no limits and create a large base. In addition to this is the Survival mode that is reported to tweak the game by developing challenging endurance experience.

Meantime, the "No Man's Sky" players can get a home planet in Base Building, including uninhabited base to develop and design by means of gathering resources. Moreover, the players may also invite alien life forms to join the research tech, work at the farm or even develop weapons.

The "No Man's Sky" patch notes include features like extension of the amount of various NPC character models that are developed for each system and improved technology is immediately fully charged after being repaired. Also, the patch notes detail the fixed the game in daytime for players who started saving before patch 1.03 and the huge improvements in terms of speed when browsing the large discovery lists. Lastly,  additional image mode in the game's PS4 version and expanded size of the discovery storage in "No Man's Sky" are included.

'No Man's Sky" new update is the first in a series of free updates that are expected to come, as announced by Hello Games, A 90s Kid reported. Meantime, the other major change in the Foundation update is the new Freighters to "No Man's Sky." The new class of ship is expected to be experienced in space; if players are going to employ Freighter captains, they will be allowed to teleport goods whenever on a planet surface, VG247 reported.

Watch NO MAN'S SKY FOUNDATION UPDATE! - Base Building, Freighters, Waypoints! - No Man's Sky 1.1 Update #1

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