BioShock's Rapture isn't the only place with under water strip clubs

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 04, 2013 09:33 AM EDT
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Andrew Ryan - industrialist, city builder, hater of government bureaucracy, but a lover of strippers. Whether a scientist developing a new plasmid, or the janitor cleaning toilets, Ryan believed every man was entitled to the sweat of his brow, and needed a way to unwind. For that, Ryan developed Fort Frolic for Rapture, a place where adults could cut loose, and take in a "show."

Through the course of the first two BioShock games, we can see Rapture as it goes through a continuous downfall, affecting not only the resident splicers, but also all aspects of their previous, "normal" life, such as their favorite haunts.

Making their way through Fort Frolic, players would come across these adult locales, where little sisters had no place, and Big Daddies would've made for the most intimidating of bouncers. One such establishment was Eve's Garden, perhaps the most well known gentleman's club in Rapture, featuring Jasmine Jolene - "Ryan's favorite girl." It was a place where the men of Rapture could unwind with a couple of drinks in the swanky bar and find some "company." But when Rapture's civil war began, the Garden became a far cry from what it once was, change no doubt spurred on by whatever plasmids the girls were using to launch ping pong balls.

Depending on the ending players got, based on their actions, it's hard to imagine that much of Rapture survived. Seen above is what Eve's Garden or The Seahorse might look like today, decades after Rapture went belly up. No, the pictures aren't some PR stunt by Irrational games for another BioShock game, or some bit of DLC that returns players to the underground metropolis, it's actually of a former restaurant turned strip club and then abandoned in Eilat, Israel.

Once upon a time, the club was called the Red Sea Star, "the only underwater restaurant and bar in the world." It was once named by Maxim magazine as one of the world's weirdest bars, described as "a cross between the Little Mermaid's treasure trove and a James Bond set." Visitors would enter through a hatch above the water, and walk downstairs instead of taking a bathysphere (how primitive), and grab a table.

For whatever reason, the restaurant concept didn't play out for the Red Sea Star, and it was closed, only to later open its doors as a strip club. No, it wasn't called "Bikini Bottom." It too didn't pan out, and was eventually abandoned, allowing for me to make god-awful Sponge Bob references.

You can see more pictures of the strip club here, would you kindly.

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