'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Eevee-Like Adaptability Of Pokemon Oricorio With Special Nectars & Where To Find It

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 30, 2016 12:39 PM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" slowly reveals its secrets as players start to dig for information and tips here and there. Now, one Pokemon in the said game can adapt to any situations regardless of the type the Pokemon is facing.

Oricorio is the new Pokemon in the game that can change its type depending on what type of nectar the player gave it. The nectars can be found on the four islands in Alola region and each one is different from the other, depending on where players gather it. Oricorio will be added to the one of the most flexible Pokemon that will be a lifesaver in most battles.

Where do I find Oricorio when I do not have one?

To find Oricorio in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," players simply have to go straight to the meadows in Melemele Island or the other islands with meadows on it. Once players have reached the place either by traveling by foot or riding a Poke Ride, then scour the grass for a wild Pokemon to appear.

Players have nothing to worry about the chances of Oricorio appearing because it will eventually happen, just like looking for Pokemon in the wild. Based on the post from Digital Spy, the more players encounter a Pokemon, the more moves will be recognized and will be differentiated if effective or not in future battles.

The bird that packs a huge arsenal in battles

Furthermore, the hype of catching Oricorio is slowly rising because of the adaptability it provides in the game. One example would be Oricorio in four forms such as electric, ghost, psychic, and more, which is paired with flying type each. It gives players a higher chance of winning.

Players worrying about the nectars running out should not think so because nectars appear when the gathering point is left for a while. Pokemon Sun and Moon players will still be uncovering secrets and tricks in the future and other people who play this game will surely wait for it. Oricorio may be small, but it packs a huge punch thanks to its ability to change. The forms can be seen in this post from Ranked Boost.

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