Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Ubisoft Hints ‘Mario,’ ‘Raving Rabbids’ Crossover; ‘For Honor’ Coming To Switch?

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 30, 2016 10:35 AM EST

The list of potential games coming to the Nintendo Switch may include a unique crossover between two game titles. Latest gaming news hinted of a "Mario" and "Raving Rabbids" crossover, as well as a potential "For Honor" release for Nintendo's new console.

Nintendo's next-generation gaming device, the Switch, may be one of the highly anticipated consoles set for release in 2017. Apart from a teaser clip, the gaming company has yet to unveil details about the upcoming hybrid console. However, many gaming companies have already expressed their plans to develop new games for the Switch or port well-loved titles to the new device.

Ubisoft is one of the companies who has been very vocal about its support for the Nintendo Switch. Previous reports have already teased of "Just Dance 2017" that will be released to the new gaming console. It appears that the game developers may also be working on a "Mario" and "Raving Rabbids" crossover game.

Recently, a video released by Ubisoft to commemorate its 30th anniversary included a quick glimpse of several "Mario" characters that were depicted as Rabbids, according to Video Gamer. Displayed on a steel frame cabinet, statues of Mario and Luigi with Rabbid-like ears were shown.

At this point, it is still unclear if Ubisoft is developing the rumored "Mario" and "Raving Rabbids" crossover game. However, gaming speculations indicated that the company's special anniversary clip included both past and upcoming games. The images of "Mario" characters as Rabbids may be an indication that Ubisoft has plans to create the said crossover game.

Apart from the "Mario" and "Raving Rabbids" crossover, gaming speculations posted on Game Rant hinted of a potential "For Honor" launch for the Nintendo Switch. With Ubisoft's plans to port some of its gaming titles to the new console, "For Honor" may be one of the games that will get a Switch version.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to hit gaming markets in March 2017. Learn more about the console in the clip below:

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