Nokia Android Phone 2017 Release Date, Price, Latest News & Update: Tech Giant Comeback Features Two New Android Phones? Android Tablet Underway?

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 02, 2016 01:40 AM EST

Before Apple, Samsung and other tech giants entered the scene of mobile phones, Nokia was the hottest brand in the market. The decline of Nokia was very imminent as more and more smartphone brands and companies ventured in the industry. However, Nokia might be making a big comeback in 2017 with a Nokia Android phone.

Nokia Android Phone 2017 Price

2016 has been a very busy year for Nokia, as it prepares to launch Nokia Android phones by 2017. The previous OS partner of Nokia was Windows and it was not a pairing that consumers liked. It was difficult for tech analysts to specifically pinpoint what went wrong with Nokia's journey. 

However, Apple and Samsung might just have to face another worthy competition with Nokia Android phone 2017. Price-wise, Nokia has yet to reveal the Nokia Android phone 2017 market value.

Nokia Android Phone 2017: Goodbye Microsoft, Hello Android!

Now that Microsoft has already found a new partner in the form of Lumia gadgets, Nokia Android phone 2017 is Nokia's clapback. Nokia Android phone 2017 is not the first collaboration of Nokia with Android.

Earlier, it produced a tablet that was commonly compared to an iPad powered by Android. Put simply, it was not as successful as the company hoped to be, failing to catch the attention and wallets of the consumers. Nokia Android phone 2017 is the latest entry of Nokia in its bid to penetrate the smartphone industry once again.

Hopefully, the consumers will give Nokia Android phone 2017 a chance. Likewise, Nokia must ensure that the features of the Nokia Android phone 2017 will be impressive enough for the choosy and expectant consumers. 

Nokia Android Phone 2017 Release Date

As of writing, Nokia Android phone 2017 release date remains to be announced. Nokia reportedly aims to launch Nokia Android phone by early 2017. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more Nokia Android phone 2017 news and updates! 


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