Nokia Smartphone Latest News & Update: New Home Found HMD Global Oy? Fresh Round Of Android Phones Out Early 2017

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 02, 2016 11:01 AM EST

Nokia was a global brand that dominated the competition for many years. The company's decision not to take part in the growing Android market spelled doom for the once established mobile brand. But, recent news reports have hinted of Nokia's comeback. Will the third attempt to revive the brand work this time?

According to ArsTechnica, HMD Global Oy and Nokia have finally announced the final agreement on the 10-year licensing deal that was first publicized six months ago. The new owners of Nokia has even launched an updated official website to introduce them to global mobile phone users.

Nokia's New Smartphone Start Based On Old Faces

Previous Nokia president Anssi Vanjoki's stubbornness to take part in the growing Android operating system might have caused the brand to fail. However, the new HMD Global Oy's take on the brand's rebirth includes a line-up from old familiar faces.

In HMD Global Oy's website, 16 of the 17 executives that they hired all worked for Nokia before. According to the company's CEO Arto Nummela, the plan is to deliver quality phones that Nokia was well known to deliver during its reign as the world's number one cellphone brand. Nummela was also the former vice president of Nokia before the brand failed to get a grip on the booming smartphone industry.

Nokia Plans Release An Android Smartphone in 2017

Nokia is at least learning from its past mistakes. In an article by Forbes, Nummela officially confirmed the release of two Android smartphones for the first and second quarter of 2017. The announcement was a big relief for fans of the former Nokia brand.

For the meantime, Nokia's official website is just showing a bunch of its reliable feature phones. After failing a few attempts with Microsoft, Nokia hopes that this time, they'll be sticking around.

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