Michelle Calls Barack Obama 'Loser and Idiot'? President Fires Back with Divorce

By Mardielyn , Updated Dec 02, 2016 08:01 AM EST

Michelle and Barack Obama once tag as Whitehouse "perfect couple" is reportedly under a marriage meltdown. Will they become the politics' Brangelina couple?

Who would have thought that Michelle Obama and US President Barack Obama will eventually face a marital problem after all the years of publicly showing off their affection to each other? Are they just faking it or not?

According to a tabloid magazine, National Enquirer, Michelle Obama is outrage with her husband Barack Obama that leads her to declaring that she "wanted out" of his life.

The tabloid magazine noted that few of the reasons are the "stress of presidency, jealousy" and the recent victory of Donald Trump.

Adding on, a so-called insider revealed that Barack Obama is as angry as his wife. The first Afro-American president blames Michelle Obama for Hillary Clinton's defeat. He allegedly insisted that his wife did not give enough help to the presidential candidate and as a result, Donald Trump brought home the bacon.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama also had her say in the situation. The tabloid magazine claimed that all the trash in their marriage for the past eight years are exposed.

The 52-year-old first lady points her finger to Barack Obama's affair. She accused her husband of hiding a love nest at a nearby Washington hotel.

"I wish I'd never met you - and I'm keeping the girls!" Michelle yells back at her husband after the latter said that she can have her divorce.

"You're a loser and an idiot!"

The Truth Behind The Divorce

As usual, Gossip Cop once again, debunked National Enquirer's claim.

It seems like the tabloid site is trying its best to go viral with a baseless and scripted claim about the Obamas.

This is not the first time that this so-called tabloid magazine published a negative report about the first family. They already called out Michelle Obama for allegedly flirting with actor Morgan Freeman.

On the other hand, in Barack Obama's previous interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he indeed admitted that he and wife Michelle did talk about divorce.

In Huffington Post report, instead of Barack Obama declaring a divorce, it is Michelle who warned the president. However, the warning is not about jealousy or about the republicans defeat... it is about him running for the third time in politics.

"Personally, for me, if I were able to run for a third time, Michelle would divorce me" Barack Obama admitted.

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