'Worms WMD Liberation Update': Latest Update That Adds New Maps, Vehicles, Drones, Explosive Weapons & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 03, 2016 05:01 AM EST

"Worms WMD" has an upcoming update that is called Liberation update, which adds multiple new artilleries and ammunitions in battling as well as new single player levels to play with. In addition, a new theme that has tunnels and buildings are included in the upcoming update this month. Customization is important to differentiate enemies and players, which defines them in their own way.

Drones are present in the update and will make gaming more fun and hilarious as it destroys an enemy or end up being destroyed on the player's side. "Worms WMD Liberation Update" will bring a new level of gaming field and a foundation for future updates.

Drones, vehicles, and weapons that sting

"Worms WMD Liberation Update" comes with new offensive weapons and vehicles such as the following: first, the mischievous drone acts as an annoyance if players acquire it against their enemies. Aside from the drones that hover around, the W1 Rocket is so explosive that it is devastating enough to kill huge groups of worms, which can be player's upper hand in battle or a threat.

Third, the tasty worm lick is likened to a string that attaches to another worm, in turn; it causes a chain reaction that explodes after few seconds. Lastly, the Worm Stinger is much likely the same as the Tasty Worm Lick but it stings Worms causing them to flinch and jump upwards----useful when players want to trap worms.

When will it be released specifically?

The release of "Worm WMD Liberation Update" will be on December 7. Based on the post from PC Games, there will be a Twitch streaming to feature the updates and how it plays in the battlefield before the date of the release.

"Worms WMD" will surely be fun when played in multiplayer and with friends because players will be laughing as soon as this new update takes in effect. For more updates on "Worm WMD," stay tuned for more!

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