PlayStation 4 is ‘powerful enough to blow your pants off’

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Sep 16, 2013 01:44 PM EDT

The game industry is filled with uncertainties regarding release date, gameplay features and offered add-ons. However, nothing is as uncertain as power behind both upcoming next generation consoles – the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – and as to who will have the upper hand in the market.

While nothing can be stated surely at this point, it seems like the industry is already divided into two factions, with one supporting Microsoft’s Xbox One, while the other hangs on to Sony's PlayStation 4.

Recently, Harry Krueger, Lead Programmer of RESOGUN – the upcoming side-scrolling shoot 'em up title from Housemarque – was interviewed by Gamingbolt, and discussed the key differences between the current generation PlayStation 3 and the next generation PlayStation 4.

“We have worked on many platforms in the past. On development side the two are not all that different; only instead of hard-to-program SPUs that require assembly-level programming if you want to extract the full potential, we have compute shaders that are easy to program and most of the cumbersome scaffolding is now in the GPU hardware. One difference is that when things go wrong, PS3 GPU crashes but PS4 GPU hangs,” Krueger stated.

“As for power, anyone can look up the figures on paper. It is powerful enough to blow your pants off.”

Krueger also revealed that the team will be using the touchpad on the DualShock 4 to not only scroll menus, but also for the kinds of stuff that people are not even expecting, though he didn’t want to talk about them just yet.

As far as the development of RESOGUN is concerned, in this respect, he stated: “It took a little longer. I don’t know how many people were working for Warframe on PS4; we had mainly two, one long-time veteran and one relatively new hire. A few others helped, too, but the graphic engine takes the lion’s share of the effort.”

For the game’s multiplayer aspect, Kruger said that the team is planning on having at least the traditional online co-op mode, so fans will be able to play through the normal game’s levels with a friend when online.

“Of course, everything that you’ll experience in single player – all the destruction, the effects, the amount of enemies, the solid framerate – all of that will remain intact in the multiplayer mode. We’re also interested in spicing up the multiplayer to make sure players keep coming back for more, so it’s possible we might add some extra features there to make things more exciting,” he added.

RESOGUN is set to arrive alongside the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15 in North America and Nov. 29 in Europe.

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