'Persona 5' News &, Update: Game Set For Release Embedded With Specs & Features

By Maris L , Updated Dec 05, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Today, it's not only the Japanese who can enjoy the much-addictive game of Sega, "Persona 5.
Because, just recently, the company released its English version, so that Americans and Europeans can enjoy more of its storyline, bothered no more by its foreign language used.

No gamer can escape dreaming of having two separate everyday life, like going to school and entering into another world of fantasy, vice versa. However, avid gamers should know that that is what's in store for "Persona 5."

As what was described by Play Station Life, it's a game portraying the story of troubled youth having possession of powers that enable them to enter into the hearts of every individual. It's not comparable to other dark-themed games, because it gives an impression of helping other people in need. To those gaming enthusiasts who wantan idealistic game, then "Persona 5" may be the right one for you.

The site broadened that the "Persona" is the one who is the source of the powers they have in possession to help others. And, in order for them to succeed, they must fight the ones responsible for forcing the people from releasing their inner capabilities.

And now at Destructoid, a video featuring the introduction of "Persona 5" can be viewed for more information about what will be the features to expect from this. But, It seems that fans will have to wait for four months for its official release.

Just as what Polygon has exposed, last Wednesday, Atlus announced the date of April 4, 2017 as the game's release to the public. It's supposed date of release was set on Valentines Day next year. Unfortunately because of this, you will really wait for two more months.

Gaming is indeed a way of escaping from this harsh world. But, let us just see it as mere entertainment and not an addiction for "Persona 5."

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