'Ace Combat 7' In PlayStation VR: The Closest Experience to Fly Hunting

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:54 PM EST

The PlayStation VR is expensive, clunky and still far from showing its true potential. However, the experience of playing "Ace Combat 7" with the PS4 virtual reality glasses is proof that technology works and is here to stay. Especially, during PlayStation Experience 2016, an event for fans of the brand held in Anaheim, United States.


When players put on the VR glasses, players will immediately found themselves in the cockpit of a fighter, in an aircraft carrier, receiving instructions on the radio. After being informed that enemy aircraft were on the way, players were given permission to take off. With a sense of vertigo, seconds later players were already flying over the skies in search of the opponents. The controls in "Ace Combat 7" are simple: the triangle button catches the crosshair on the opponent, while ball and x are shoot the machine gun and missile, respectively.

Anyone who has tried the PlayStation VR knows that the graphics do not compare to what we see on TV, the resolution is lower, the textures are flatter etc. Yet, that does not make much difference in the "Ace Combat 7" piloting immersion experience that will excite any flight simulation enthusiast for the chance to chase after enemy aircraft while maneuvering to deflect missiles, cross clouds, and get lost in the Beautiful scenery of the islets on the high seas.

Without The VR Glasses

The debut of "Ace Combat" in the next generation of "Ace Combat 7," which will be exclusive to PS4, is still surrounded by mystery and Bandai Namco does not seem ready to share many details. Project Aces, however, promises the same footprint of the air battles that characterized the series, with futuristic aircraft, a vast arsenal and challenging enemies, both single-player and multiplayer.

In practice, players in "Ace Combat 7" will only be able to figure out if the promises will be fulfilled when it's possible to test the main game, so to speak, and not just the portion in RV, which is cool. However, it's more of a bonus offered to fans.

For now what is known is that "Ace Combat 7" will be set in the Strangereal, universe that most of the games in the series tackles and that it is a version of the Earth with geography and historical events of its own. Unfortunately, "Ace Combat 7" has no set release date so far.

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