Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date, Specs, Features, News & Update: Best Android Phone To Hit The Market!

By Ten L. , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:45 PM EST

When the Korean tech giant decided to discontinue the Note 7, it has been rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will no longer come to materialize. Apparently, a rumor came out saying that Samsung was considering the total discontinuation of their Note series due to the Note 7 incident. Luckily though, news from weeks ago confirmed that Samsung is in no way cancelling the Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

As of now, the tech giant hasn't confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date yet. But basing on history, the next Note model could be launched mid-year. As per an Inquisitr report, the Galaxy Note 8 could be made official August of next year.

August may be too far away for those longing for a Note device but it's important to note that this device was at risk of not seeing the light of day. So despite the length of time Note fans have to wait, it is still good news that the Note 8 is indeed going to show up. Had it not been because of Samsung's upgrade program, fans wouldn't have been informed about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 planned launch.

Apparently, Samsung is prioritizing Note 7 owners who had their phablet replaced with an S7 or an S7 Edge. When the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 come out, these people can get the new device with a big discount. Nevertheless, this program has just been made official in South Korea but needless to say, it's good to know that the Note 8 will still see the light of day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Expectations

There's a bunch of reasons why the Note 8 could be the best Android to hit next year's market. First off, Samsung has already learned their valuable lesson in quality assurance. They may have learned it the hard way but the point is, they have learned it, so they are highly unlikely to make the same mistake twice. With that said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be the most well-built phone ever.

As of now, not a lot of things have been said about the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Note 8. But so far, rumors about this phone include 4K support, 6 GB RAM and a powerful Snapdragon processor, Tech Times reported. It will either be a Snapdragon 830 or a Snapdragon 835. An Exynos-powered variant could also be launched in certain markets. Needless to say, the Note 8 would be uber-powerful and extra durable. It should also bring in more high-tech features to the table.

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