'Battlefield 1' News & Update: New Gamer? Gameplay On World War I, Historical Weapons Used In The Game!

By M PEO , Updated Dec 07, 2016 04:56 AM EST

The released of the latest installment "Battlefield 1" to the franchise "Battlefield" last October has received positive reviews as it brings the players back to World War I. The old war setting delivered by the publisher Electronic Arts is not only a game but also offers a history that everybody should know.   

Avid gamers were surprised that EA announced that its latest installment is not "Battlefield 5" instead, the publisher unveiled "Battlefield 1" that was released to all game platforms last October. Since the release, the latest game franchise has taken gamers attention, old and new players about the World War I setting. 

But, how accurate 'Battlefield 1' to World War I?

EA DICE did its research to have a clear view of the World War I and to how it will work with "Battlefield 1." The game did portray World War I as destructive, a hell-like era of the history but with a balance that shooter fans will still enjoy, Jimquisition reported. To recall, the WWI killed 17 million and wounded more than 20 million people. 

Weapons used in 'Battlefield 1' was used in World War I

The developer reviewed the historical records from 1800 to 1918 to check the weapons used in WW1 but, instead of focusing on giving players the real deal in WW1, EA added weapons that were not used in WW1. It is a strategy that the developer needs to do so it will not compromise the "Battlefield 1" gameplay.

According to PC Gamer, one of the weapons that are used in "Battlefield 1" is the MP18 Bergmann. During World War I, MP18 was the first practical submachine guns introduced to German Army in 1918. The original MP18 did not have a bayonet lug, but in the game, a bayonet lug feature was in MP18. National World War I archivist Jonathan Casey said that a bayonet lug was only found on the latest MP28.

On the other hand, the British SMLE rifle used in "Battlefield 1" was correct since it had a left side-mounted scope. Also, the machine guns used in a plane were accurate. The game also featured a right Lewis gun, a light machine gun with an ammo drum mounted on top designed by the Americans.

'Battlefield 1' Gameplay

'Battlefield 1' offers "full of unexpected battlefield moments," Dice senior producer Aleksander Grondal said. The multiplayer option of the game consists of Assault, Medic, Support and Scout classes. The close-quarters weapons differ in statistics in melee combat. A weapon may start weak, but it can be extremely powerful when used as tools to destroy barricades or to damage vehicles, PCAdvisor reported.  

Meanwhile, "Battlefield 1" has been receiving praises from the gaming community and publications. Time Magazine ranked "Battlefield 1" to the second spot on its own Magazine list. The game may not be as accurate as to what WWI had been like but, the developer's depiction of WWI and balance it with its gameplay makes the game interesting to play. 


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