'Akiba's Trip 2+A' Latest News: Commemorative Re-Release Date Delayed But Will Be On February Instead Of January

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 07, 2016 08:57 PM EST

"Akiba's Trip 2+A" is a re-release of the previous "Akiba's Trip 2: Undead and Undressed" game. Now, instead of players and fans thinking that this is the same version of the game, it is not. The elements and characters from the animation of the same title will be available to play in the said game.

In addition to that, the release date is delayed for some time because of some personal reasons from XSEED and Acquire, the developer and creator of the game. Rather than January 5, 2017, being the release date, it is moved to February 2 in Japan instead. With added elements and characters in the game, the photos and logos of the animation will be spread across Akihabara, Tokyo, which is the whole map of the game.

New items and new clothes for playable characters?

Furthermore, "Akiba's Trip 2+A" will have new sets of clothing for the character and his companions in the game. Together with the stripping action and story, a new perspective will revolve around the game because of the minimal yet important additions.

Most of all, the release for the West will be coming soon after the release in Japan, just like other games that follow. Since the game was a huge success including the animation, a PlayStation video download ticket is given with the game that can make players download the first episode of the animation, as based on the post from Gematsu.

Future expectations on the game and faster localizations

Acquire and XSEED surely made "Akiba's Trip 2+A" amazing in many ways through the commemorative re-release set to be on February 2 in Japan. The West release will follow afterward and still unannounced.

Until then, players who want to purchase the game again with added features can do so but will have to wait until the localization is complete or stick with Japanese texts, which might be hectic and difficult. With the latest release of Acquire, which is "Akiba's Beat," this game is expected to have another sequel that rekindles the spirit of stripping in the PS4 console.

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