‘iZombie’ Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: 3 Reasons Why Peyton Should Choose Ravi Over Blaine! More Plot Details, Predictions!

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 08, 2016 07:07 AM EST

"iZombie" is slated to return on April next year and besides Liv's (Rose McIver) love life, fans are also looking forward to the brewing love triangle involving Peyton (Aly Michalka), Blaine (David Anders) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli). While some fans think that Peyton and Blaine have this strong chemistry, others believe that she deserves to be with Ravi and here are three reasons why. What should fans expect in "iZombie" Season 3?

Ravi is generally a pleasant guy 

Sure Ravi is some sort of a geek but in general, he is totally a nice guy who couldn't seem to break Peyton's heart. Michalka already confirmed that her character will be in dilemma as to who she will choose in the end in "iZombie" Season 3. Peyton and Ravi had dated and fans know that he is genuinely into her. Although things didn't work out for them, there's always that possibility of a reunion at some point.

Both Ravi and Peyton are good friends with Liv

It would be devastating for Peyton's best friend, Liv if she would choose her nemesis Blaine in "iZombie" Season 3, knowing that he is the reason why Liv became a zombie in the first place. Liv is good friends with Ravi and Peyton, which means she would approve of their relationship just like she did the first time. Liv also knows Ravi's personality and his intentions so he should be the better choice.

Blaine is purely evil

Although Blaine may have acted nicer towards everyone in Season 2, fans just can't stop speculating that maybe he was just pretending about his amnesia all along. Blaine is a murderer and rescuing Peyton wouldn't change the fact that he had killed someone. Fans believe that Peyton wouldn't have a great life if she chooses him in "iZombie" Season 3.

Peyton may seem attracted to wild and intriguing guys like Blaine but in the end, Aly Michalka may have just have hinted who her character will go for in "iZombie" Season 3. "I think that her heart definitely says Ravi because there's that friendship, there's that solid rapport that they have," she told the media.

Do you think Peyton is better off with Ravi or Blaine? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to GamenGuide for more updates on "iZombie" Season 3.

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