Heroes Of The Storm News And Updates: New Director Promises Crazy Changes

By zekiah , Updated Dec 09, 2016 08:32 PM EST

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is the hottest video game genre today amassing millions of players daily and transitioning to the lucrative market of E-sports. It's no wonder developers for popular MOBA games continually update and improve their game to be accessible for the professional league. Leading the MOBA charge are DOTA 2 and LoL whose tournament prizes ranges in the millions. A distant third has to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. But knowing Blizzard, the legendary game studio wouldn't give up without a fight. In fact, Blizzard has already started with the changes starting with assigning a new director in hopes of revitalizing Heroes of the Storm.

In an announcement, Blizzard has replaced current game director Dustin Browder with Alan Dabiri in an effort to improve Heroes of the Storm on the Esports crowd. Browder said that this was not an easy choice to make saying that he still plays Heroes of the Storm five nights a week. Dustin Browder has been said to work on other projects that Blizzard hasn't announced yet. But the one thing that sets his mind at ease is knowing that the game is in good hands with Alan Dabiri.

Alan Dabiri is a 20-year veteran at Blizzard working as the technical director of Heroes of the Storm since its beginning. Dabiri said that his work with Heroes of the Storm is slowly ramping up since he knew of the director swtich. According to him, being a technical director, he was already responsible for handling large portions of the game which made the transition easier.

In fact, Alan Dabiri has already made big changes to Heroes of the Storm which is the recently announced Brawl mode. According to him, more changes are coming for the new mode. He tells that he is excited with the potential of the new mode that can take the game philosophy even further. It gives Blizzard the option to do crazy ideas on Heros of the Storm. "What I'm most excited about is the future [of Heroes Brawl].Now that we've got a place for this experience, I think you're going to see us try out some really crazy things with this mode in the future" added Dabiri.

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