Battlefield 4 News: DICE to Push Out Fix for Headshot Glitch [VIDEO]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Nov 26, 2013 11:00 AM EST

What happens when you rush a game to catch up with the holiday sales quota and meet the deadlines? You end up with a massive number of in-game issues that need further work, frustrating fans. Probably one of the best examples of this is the recently released Battlefield 4. Apparently, there’s yet another glitch in the game that deals with headshots, and DICE is already working to push out a fix for the same.

Battlefield 4, which is probably the most bug-infested title complimented by a troubled launch in the history of the franchise, has a headshot "glitch" which kills a player with just a single headshot even though the player has full health. While this seems more lifelike, it’s not really acceptable with players. DICE, however, is looking to fix that per the players’ wants.

“Youtuber jackfrags sent us a great video where he demonstrates the so-called '1 shot kill bug' [], where it looks like weapons sometimes deal too much damage (although the real issue might be more complex.) We are reproducing this bug and working to fix it as soon as possible,” the company wrote on its official Battlelog page.

The company later updated the post by stating that the team has now got hold of a “solid fix” to mend the problem and that it will be pushed out as soon as possible. You can see jackfrags video showing the glitch in action below.

Additionally, DICE has also confirmed that the next PC update for the game is currently under development and the company is currently working to fix additional issues that have been pointed out by fans since the game's release.

“Specifically, we are looking at the Commander EMP blur effect that you have noticed, as well as the intermittent sound bug that happens most frequently on the Golmud Railway map,” DICE wrote.

“While we don’t have a solid date for this patch just yet, we just wanted to let you know some of the things we’re looking at right now (besides increasing stability overall).”

DICE hasn't given a date for when fans can expect the new update.

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