Nintendo Entertainment System: Where To Buy This 'Almost Permanently Sold Out' Console

By Caroline Soriano , Updated Dec 11, 2016 09:24 PM EST

Known for carrying retro authenticity over modern ones, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System has become quite favorable to kids and even adults of today. Although it has its own flaws, the charming look, and the gaming experience it offers are just a few things that attract more fans.

What is Nintendo Entertainment System?

For the benefit of those who haven't heard of this wonderful console, Nintendo Entertainment System or NES was manufactured and developed by Nintendo. This will spark nostalgia for the users as it looks very much like the old Nintendo consoles back in the 80s. To make it work, the player just need to plug it in their TV, pick the vintage, gray controller, and enter the virtual world of NES games.

According to TechRadar, NES succeeds at almost everything it attempts. The design is very competitive, despite looking old as it carried its retro design very well. Players who've lived and enjoyed the Nintendo Classic Edition can justify its familiarity with NES. Of course, there are changes since this console was released in 1983 and one of which is that it doesn't have any cartridge slot for the games. The latest version has also embraced few modernizations by incorporating HDMI connector to work onto a TV screen, instead of the aerial connection from the original piece.

With this in mind, gamers can't easily resist falling into owning the Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, PAHNation shared about why NES has become a hit amidst its highly-developed console competitors. Primarily, it's because of the timeless games it has such as the Super Mario, Duck Hunt, teenage mutant ninja turtle, a legend of Zelda and much more.

Where to Buy it?

Unfortunately, its popularity made it almost 'permanently' out-of-stock however, Nintendo's own store still has it and it's sold on its official price. TechRadar also shared its availability with Amazon, Toys R Us, Best Buy, and Walmart.

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