The Taste of Technology: Mouth CTRLer, Communicating, Gaming & More Using The Tongue

By Caroline Soriano , Updated Dec 12, 2016 12:41 PM EST

Technology has evolved in a way that is beyond imaginable, and even up to now, it is developing more for the convenience of mankind. Basically, it's the hands and fingers who does the magic of touching to be able to switch the TV on, send messages, and play games. But what if the concept of using other body parts take place?

In this case, the sense of taste through the use of the tongue is the primary target. Francesca Perona, a research and interface developer and designer, together with her team, is on the look about the potential use of mouths and create the impossible.

Journeying the Orifice

As part of the Mouthy: Into the Orifice season, Perona created a project called Mouth CTRLer. According to Perona, this is a project, which has been commissioned by the Science Gallery London, which uses a prosthetic device that users should wear inside their mouth. This device is created to interact and control other technologies for gaming, communication, etc. Basically, it is a functional tool that will showcase the mouth as an extraordinary tool.

Perona explained how small a human mouth is compared to what it usually thinks. However, despite its size, it's able to determine over 25 characteristics of food. Peron also emphasized the tongue as a third-hand.

According to TechRadar, Perona and her team realized so many opportunities and that the idea about mouth prosthetics and tech is huge design. Since the mouth is considered small, designing become quite challenging. Perona and her team traced all the active and passive parts of the mouth, followed bu the potential 'digital actions' that could perform various functions. The most challenging and perhaps, the final piece that would answer about its possibility is finding the sensor that would work best in bringing the right results.

Basically, the project aims to assist the disabled and those who are physically impaired, however, because of the studies and experiences, Perona now believes that it can be used for other applications. Other options, aside from disability-related purposes, were explored.

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