‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Injects More Improvements To Nearby Tracking Covering Rural Areas

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:05 AM EST

Niantic has finally rolled out the improved ‘nearby tracking’ and ‘sightings’ feature for “Pokemon Go”, meaning better pocket monster hunting ahead. This is the same feature that previously rolled out in San Francisco and then the United Kingdom, though another improvement was recently rolled out.

One thing that most “Pokemon Go” players were complaining about had to do with the coverage of the new tracking system. Before the new tracking system came out, rural areas were having problems, something tied up to PokeStops.

All that was resolved recently with Niantic expanding the feature to more locations, the official “Pokemon Go” Facebook page reported. The changes include the way the Nearby Pokemon feature functions even with few PokeStops in range.

The fix should be a big sigh of relief to “Pokemon Go” players though the door is still open for possible issues. Niantic is keeping tabs with the latest changes, seeing if more tweaks would be needed moving forward.

The improved ‘Sightings’ for “Pokemon Go” now allows users to see where the spawns are at. This is a pretty welcome development, particularly for the ones who needed proper direction and a point of reference when on the hunt.

With the recent changes, will “Pokemon Go” players who previously batted for the return of the old tracking system finally town down? Many have clamored for the first version of the app though doing that doesn’t seem to be on Niantic’s roadmap, BGR reported.

Also, it would be best to take note that the new tracking system is technically a ‘test’ on Niantic’s end. There is a chance that “Pokemon Go” could see more improvement in pinning down those pocket monsters or even be replaced by something better.

Until that time comes, the new tracking system for “Pokemon Go” is under evaluation. Doors are open to gamers, most of which Niantic is expected to consider.

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