'Clash of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Updates: ‘COC’ December Update Delayed To January? Contains New Game Mode, Game Balances & More!

By Christian M. , Updated Dec 13, 2016 07:53 AM EST

Fans of "Clash of Clans" would definitely be delighted to learn that the game is all set for its December update that had wildly been rumored recently. Along with this, Supercell is reportedly working on a new game mode for "Clash of Clans," along with new game balances.

New Game Mode?

It has long been rumored that Supercell is set to release an update for "Clash of Clans" this month, with a release windows of December 19 to 23. As for the latest news regarding the progress of the update, there have been no official word yet that came from Supercell. However, they have hinted that "Clash of Clans" will see new exciting content soon. With this, fans have speculated that maybe, a new game mode would finally be available in the mobile game.

Town Hall 10 and 11

Supercell also looks to address the game balancing mechanics in "Clash of Clans." As updates continue to be rolled out, the developer had revealed that they are hoping to promote a more balanced gameplay through the December update, with Town Hall 10 and 11.

For so long, it has been a popular demand among "Clash of Clans" players that Town Hall 10 should be able to star Town Hall 11. The developers then admitted that this would be a difficult feat, considering the regular multiplayer mode. This is because the Leaderboards would eventually lose its value if the Town Hall 11 defenses are made easy to star.

Clan Wars

Another hot topic subject for to rebalancing is the Clan Wars matchmaking. In the current "Clash of Clans" mechanics, stat changes could be triggered by new troops or new levels. Supercell had stated that they are keeping tabs on things, swearing to incorporate adjustments, however big or small, to war matchmaking in every "Clash of Clans" update.

Release Date Delay

As there have been persistent news about the December update of "Clash of Clans," Supercell has then released an official statement last December 10. The statement had unfortunately manifested that due to the other projects that the company is also committed to, the "Clash of Clans" update would be pushed back to January 2017.

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