Dan Myrick's 'Skyman' Latest News & Update: Live in Indiegogo Campaign, Alien Encounter Docu-Drama Will Be Rolling ASAP Once Target Funds Reached

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Dec 12, 2016 08:56 PM EST

Dan Myrick's "Skyman" started the crowdfunding campaign. The whole team is hoping to reach their target fund for the film ASAP. This docu-drama encounter film is said to be released this coming spring. Achieving the production's estimated budget earlier than expected will be such beautiful blessing and set to be their go signal in creating the project.

Dan Myrick's 'Skyman' in Indiegogo Campaign

Dan Myrick's "Skyman" crowdfunding campaign was already launched. The docu-drama Carl Merryweather, who claims to have had an alien encounter.

It was noted in a recent report that Merryweather has the extraordinary experience when he was only 10 years old. Now that he is all grown-up, he strongly believes that he can possibly met the same alien again at the same spot and at the same time. This is basically where Dan Myrick's "Skyman" story will begin.

"'Skyman' is my latest film venture and that I'm particularly excited about," the director said. Dan Myrick's "Skyman" was tagged as the product of the whole team's sweat and blood. The brilliant creator confidently says "it is a sci-fi/ docu-drama that has been a labor of love for quite sometime, inspired by a fascination with UFO subculture, " he added.

Dan Myrick's 'Skyman' Will Be Rolling ASAP Once Target Funds Reached

The whole team is aiming to gain $25,000.The said project will start rolling in once they have completed the target amount. Dan Myrick's "Skyman" campaign provides a token once people donate money for the said film. These giveaways include HD downloads, soundtrack, wallpapers, artworks and DVDs.

The famous writer-director also noted that this unique docu-drama movie is his way to go back to his filmmaking roots. Dan Myrick's "Skyman" will definitely show the level of creativity that they have before and has been long gone in today's filmmaking environment.

Dan Myrick's "Skyman" campaign is set to end next month. By then, the filmmaker is hoping that they've already reached the target amount in funding the said docu-drama movie.

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