'Marvel Contest of Champions' Tips, Tricks & Reviews: Hard Time Getting Through The Event? Learn More Here!

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:30 AM EST

"Marvel Contest of Champions" recently launched an event that features both Howard the Duck and Hyperion, which some find to be quite tricky at first. However, those who have the hero figured out have cordially shared what works best for the unearthly Marvel hero.

For those who may have not even touched the game, "Marvel Contest of Champions" is a mobile application that lets players venture into a competitive world of fighting with the characters of the Marvel Universe. As the game holds events consistently, there are some players who may have a hard time getting through those they are not familiar with. Hyperion, for one, left some players up in a bundle.

Recent reports of "Marvel Contest of Champions" Reddit users have suggested a few characters to go up against Hyperion, such as those with a Nullify skill. These include Juggernaut, Jane Foster and Doctor Strange, as the said characters can contradict the Power Gain ability of the opposition. Since the Power Gain gives Hyperion an upper hand in the match-up, players will have to be at their best to stay away from its perks to hero. Magneto has also been said to be quite beneficial, most specifically the Classic, though he must be duped.

Magneto, for one, can make the opponent bleed with simply the Special 1 ability. Apart from it being quick, it activates a lot faster and can be spammed for additional damage. Magik is also a good candidate for going up against Hyperion, using as much specials as possible to deal with the Power Gain. Basically, the "Marvel Contest of Champions" character is beatable, but with the proper use of skills and class advantages.

As a bit of information, the most popular rendition of Hyperion is the one that belongs to the Squadron Supreme that existed with The Avengers. In "Marvel Contest of Champions," Hyperion is aligned with Howard the Duck, another Marvel entity, as one to adhere with the Holiday Season.

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