Turtle Rock News & Update: Studio Goes Back To Co-Op FPS With New IP; Will It Suffer The Same Fate As ‘Evolve?’

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:57 AM EST

The makers of "Evolve" and "Left 4 Dead," Turtle Rock, announced its new IP to be a co-operative shooter with elements of dark fantasy. It will be published by Perfect World, the free-to-play publisher behind "Neverwinter."

Turtle Rock is playing mum on details, but they did confirm that it's a new IP, via GamesIndustry. According to its co-founder Phil Robb, the studio is "focusing on what we do best," by creating a title that will offer players the best online co-op FPS action.

Turtle Rock's target release date is 2018, and the yet-to-be-named game will be built on Unreal Engine. "There will be plenty of baddies to shoot up but it is not a 'zombie game' or anything post-apocalyptic. What we can say right now is there's a strong dark fantasy element to it," said Steve Goldstein, the studio's president.

Turtle Rock's Newest Project Will Involve Players' Behavior Towards Game

Referencing "Evolve's" conversion to free-to-play, Goldstein promised that Turtle Rock's latest offering will have the same business model upon its release, meaning, they will be open to player suggestions. Regular updates to the new game are to be expected, with Goldstein adding that the changes to the game will be based on players' reactions.

Turtle Rock hasn't mentioned any platforms yet, given the project is still in its early stage. However, a free-to-play model is possible since Perfect World is involved in its new endeavor.

Turtle Rock Has Learned From Its Previous Projects

Turtle Rock halting support for "Evolve" was a low point for the studio, as expressed by its co-founder Chris Ashton in a post, titled "Our Final Message To Our Evolve Community" at the Turtle Rock's official website. It seems as though Turtle Rock is bent not to commit the same mishaps they did with "Evolve." With a new project in the works, we could only hope this initiative will mark the team's ascend.

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