'Tekken 7' News & Update: Bandai Namco Announces Online Tournament; Kuma and Panda to Join Line-Up

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 14, 2016 06:38 AM EST

"Tekken 7" will have an online tournament mode as announced by Bandai Namco. The game is still limited to arcade machines but it will soon find its way to PCs and consoles. Most probably, by next year, gamers can already enjoy the game at home via their device.

In the "Tekken 7" online tournament mode players are allowed to create their own tournaments and they can decide on the game formats as well. Plus, there are prizes to be given away for winning the fight.

The "Tekken 7" online tournament the mode could be set in single or double elimination rounds. The prizes can either be in-game currency or in the form of items.

One of the interesting features is the addition of the spectator mode in the tournament. There is also a voice chat feature that players can use to commentate on the battle while they watch at the sidelines.

Bandai Namco also announced that "Tekken 7" online tournament will have some of the popular game characters in the game. They chose to add two of the most iconic fighters in the world of Tekken and they are Kuma and Panda.

Yes, the two famous bears are returning to "Tekken 7" via the online tournament. They have been officially added to the roster so players can try their luck in challenging the powerful bears.

Moreover, Event Hubs mentioned that during "The King of Iron Fist 2016" grand finals, "Tekken 7" producer Katsuhiro Harada surprised the event attendees with a trailer showing the comebacks of game favorites - Kuma and Panda. It was actually at this event that the official announcement for the bears' return was made.

Finally, up to eight players can compete in the "Tekken 7" online tournament. Further, players can choose to make their fights private or public. Players can add a password so they can control who can enter the tournament.

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