‘God Wars: Future Past’ Latest News & Update: Game Play Enhancement Causing Delay? Release Date Now Slated For Spring 2017 In Japan

By Nathan Enzo , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:34 AM EST

Bad news for fans of "God Wars: Future Past." Kadokawa Games announced that the release date for the "God Wars: Future Past" has been moved back to Spring 2017 in Japan. With this set back, it seems the release date for North America and Europe will probably be delayed too.

Reason For The Delay

According to Silicon Arena, Kadokawa Games are modifying the content of "God Wars: Future Past" that is why the release date of the game is being pushed back. The enhancement the studio is performing is based on the feedbacks from players that tested out the trial version of the "God Wars: Future Past."

Kadokawa Games announced that they are improving the combat tempo, response time, and adjusting the degree of difficulty of "God Wars: Future Past." Kadokawa Games also added that they are working on the enhancement of the camera system and control system, while the interface which are deemed difficult to understand will also be enhanced.

"God Wars: Future Past" Game Play Goes Beyond Traditional Tales

The stories from Kojiki book and the traditional folktales are intermingled in "God Wars: Future Past." The story follows Kintaro and Princess Kaguya's journey through Mizuho in search for the queen of Mizuho.

The queen of Mizuho, Kaguya's mother, sacrificed Kaguya's sister so as to stop a volcanic eruption. Kintaro and Kaguya's journey will lead them to an adventure that will see them dealing with members of Izumo and Hyuga nations.

Release Date For Japan, North America And Europe

Because of these in-game enhancements, "God Wars: Future Past" is going to be released in Japan on Spring 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita instead of the original release date. And with the release date in Japan being moved back, the release date for North America and Europe will probably moved back too.

The latest news is that "God Wars: Future Past" will be released in North America and Europe in early 2017. For the latest news and update for "God Wars: Future Past" news, please visit our website.

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