'Days of Our Lives' Dec. 14-16 Spoilers: Nicole Ready to Move On; How will Jade and Joey Solve the Pregnancy Issue?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:50 PM EST

"Days of Our Lives" has been explosive this week. Tension and strong emotions grip Salem City so viewers just cannot missed the episodes for Dec. 14-16.

"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers revealed that Daniel will visit Nicole, perhaps through a dream, because he wants to deliver a message so she can be happy with her life already. Will Nicole finally close the chapter of her life where Daniel is a big part of?

Daniel and Nicole

It can be recalled that in "Days of Our Lives," Daniel, Nicole's greatest love, passed away in a car accident and it has been almost a year since the incident happened. However, Nicole was not able to move on and she was still deeply hurting for the loss of her love.

"Days of Our Lives" indicates that the purpose of Daniel's ‘visit' was to tell Nicole that it is time for her to move on and be with Deimos. Daniel seems to be reassuring Nicole that it is alright to be with another man since he is not around anymore.

It appears that Nicole will understand what Daniel was trying to say to her and she will be emotional. In the end, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers hinted that Nicole will finally say goodbye to Daniel and she will focus on Deimos now.

Jade and Joey

The upcoming episode of "Days Of Our Lives" shows that Joey will clash with Jade and things will get ugly. The two were fighting about Jade's pregnancy because Joey found out about the baby just as when they are about to break-up.

Joey wants to confirm the pregnancy so they had a test. The result returned positive and suddenly Jade started to act indifferently. She was trying to create a spectacle with Joey, but maybe she was just doing this because she has new schemes up her sleeves in "Days of Our Lives?"

Steve and Kayla

Kayla received an early Christmas present from Steve and it was precious to her because it was an album of their wedding. "Days of Our Lives" ends sweetly as the couple kissed as they reminisce the day they exchanged "I Do."

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