‘Adventure Time: Islands’ Air Date, News & Update: We’ll Finally Know What Happened To All Of The Humans On January 2017

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 15, 2016 09:09 AM EST

You know a show's about to end when it starts spilling the beans - this is it for "Adventure Time," apparently. Before the production shuts down, a new eight-episode mini-series, dubbed "Adventure Time: Islands" will air on Cartoon Network from January 30, 2016 through February 2, 2017. By January 24, all eight episodes will be available on DVD and on demand.

What Will Happen On "Adventure Time: Islands?"

"Adventure Time: Islands" will tackle Jake and Finn's adventures in the Land of Ooo, of course, but this time, a spectacular revelation is to be expected. The eight-episode mini-series will address possibly the biggest question behind the animated series: "Whatever happened to the humans?" While waiting for the much-awaited answer, you might as well grab a copy of its graphic novel of the same title, available on sale for $9.99 under Diamond Code SEP161396, reports GamenGuide.

We Might See Other Humans On "Adventure Time: Islands"

Finn and Susan Strong being the only human beings left has been known to "Adventure Time" fans for quite a while now, but what "Adventure Time: Islands" will unravel is something that can only be surmised as a prep for the show's ending, notes Polygon.

It has been hinted that the human beings on the show were driven to extinction during a nuclear apocalypse called The Mushroom War. However, viewers have seldom seen what it's really all about. Human hybrids have been presented in the "Adventure Time" universe like the Ice King and Marceline the Vampire Queen, but Finn has remained the sole representative of humans so far, apart from Susan that is. "Adventure Time: Islands" will foretell or perhaps even reveal the answer to the question ever long thrown.

 "Adventure Time: Islands" is the second mini-series for the show since it first aired. The first one, "Adventure Time: Stakes," premiered in November 2015 and featured Marceline the Vampire Queen.

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