'Street Fighter V': How Season Two Changes Gameplay

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:35 AM EST

More players have gotten their hands on the "Street Fighter V" demo with the season two changes applied. Top players have also begun analyzing how the changes will affect their current strategies. Capcom has already started the countdown to the end of the first season as fans await Akuma's arrival on Dec. 20. The patch will not only bring the Raging Demon into the game, but the latest balance adjustments as well.

EventHubs reports that some Street Fighter V" characters will definitely experience the nerfs and buffs brought about by the patch. Videos of top-rank players trying out the new build have exposed some of the balance changes and their results. It appears that some character-specialists might need to relearn or create new strategies in order to win. They have also analyzed that the new update changes how the players approach their mix ups. Footsies and corner control seems to be the next big thing among professional players.

Invincible wake up moves like Dragon Punches (DPs) are going to be nerfed. Capcom aims to change how "Street Fighter V" players approach the wake up game. DPs are reported to now lose against meaty attacks. However, EX DPs still retain their priority, but will make it appear more resource-heavy compared to a regular invincible DP. This ensures that all characters get a similar experience when they are knocked down, which means no more spamming wake up DPs.

"Street Fighter V" players are expected to maximize their footsies as a means of pushing their opponents toward the corner. For example, season two Rainbow Mika's Irish Whip no longer gets a wall bounce if the opponent is mid screen. The character can no longer use the move to corner carry players or create mix ups mid screen.

Some of the characters in the "Street Fighter V" roster will definitely enjoy some of their buffs. Characters like Dhalsim have reportedly gotten better, but with a new character incoming and more in the future, top players will have to adjust quickly in order to dominate the tournament scene.

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