'League of Legends' Latest News & Update: WInter Wonder Karma, Snow Day Graves & Santa Braum Released For Sale

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 16, 2016 04:10 AM EST

"League of Legends" released the new skins for Karma, Braum, and Graves to welcome the festive season and Snowdown 2016. The three mentioned Champions can now join the others as they strut and battle with their Christmas-themed skin.

In addition to the skin release, the Winter Summoner's Rift is also in effect now and many players are certainly feeling the cold from its icy winds and chilling fields. Winter Wonder Karma, Snow Day Graves, and Santa Braum is an addition to the set of Winter and Christmas skins, which players can use and own by buying it in the shop.

RP costs and game presence

"League of Legends" Champions mentioned will each have a presence that synchronizes with the Winter Summoner's Rift update. First, Winter Wonder Karma has that snow crystal embodiment. She embodies the winter and frost and her skills as well. Her first skill, when it hits, will form a snow crystal symbol. When paired with the ultimate skill and passive, the first skill lights up and explode on contact. Second, Snow Day Graves will also have a snowblower as a gun that shoots snowballs and a Poro for a grenade. Lastly, Santa Braum will be walking the battlefield carrying a huge chimney with gifts as a shield and he is a muscular Santa version.

All of the skins mentioned costs about 1350 RP. If a player does not have any of the Champions yet, the skin already comes with the Champion. So, no worries when players do not have any of these Champions because it is included in a bundle. Talking about bundles, there are bundles with these three Champions mentioned grouped into one. Just like Karma, Graves, and Braum, other Champions also have their Winter themed skins in bundles such as Teemo, Tristana, Syndra, Singed, Bard, Sivir, Orianna, Gnar, Veigar, and a whole lot more.

Imagine when all of these festive skins paired with the Winter Summoner's Rift. The whole details can be viewed from the "League of Legends" official website.

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