'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News & Update: Reinforcements Arrived! Major Changes & More Exciting Details Spilled!

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Dec 15, 2016 08:40 PM EST

Updates are noted to be launched that players will definitely be excited for. "Rainbow Six Siege" is getting intense this mid-season. Gamers are more thrilled about the newly released announcement by the most anticipated game developer, Ubisoft.

'Rainbow Six Siege' Reinforcements Arrived!

Yes, you read it right. "Rainbow Six Siege" has more exciting stuff to offer this mid-season. Ubisoft has released the famous game's latest patch notes. The game developer launched a big and an updated map that players surely wouldn't miss.

The former Terrorist-only map was renamed and released with important but fair tweaks. The annoying yellow gas was removed. The game creators also modified its structure for better PvP. This big update in "Rainbow Six Siege" is now called Bartlett University map.

'Rainbow Six Siege' Major Changes Unveiled!

One of the major changes were announced and this is the most loved operator in "Rainbow Six Siege," Tanchaka. This character is usually being picked by people who wish to have a hardcore game because of its strengths and capable of doing something extraordinary.

The genius and smart developers of "Rainbow Six Siege" added a strong shield to the front of his turret, PC Gamer noted. This only means, opponents can no longer hit him in his head that easy. But, it has been detailed that though Tanchaka has a frontal-head shield, the operator still needs to be careful. This head gear only covers the front side of his head.

These are noted to be major changes of "Rainbow Six Siege." But, players need not to worry as everything else is in all good shapes. This includes another cluster charge for Fuze, killing efficiency of Blackbeard is now being balanced, smoke canisters are more likely to be grenades. Moreover, the full patch notes are available in this update.

"Rainbow Six Siege" mid-season also resolved a long list of bugs that will surely give players a flawless gameplay. Avid followers and players "Rainbow Six Siege" will definitely get into it once the update goes live and ready for download.

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