'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News & Updates: Tachanka More Formidable in Newest Patch; More details Revealed

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 16, 2016 07:57 AM EST

A new update has recently arrived for "Rainbow Six Siege" and the patch has vamped up one of the game's characters. Aside from that, PvP map has also been added in the game and some adjustments are made for some characters.

One of the huge changes that arrived in "Rainbow Six Siege" is for Tachanka since the players don't often choose the operator. Even the developers, Ubisoft, know the dilemma regarding the character thus tweaking some features for the character. The developers also recognized that the problem with the Tachanka is his gadgets since it limits the character's movement. Moreover, gamers have already identified the weakness of the character which makes him an easy target during battles.

One of the adjustments that were made for Tachanka is adding a shield on his turret. The operator of "Rainbow Six Siege" has always been prone to headshots, and with the new shield, the character may be less likely to die. Tachanka can still be eliminated via headshot, but his shield must be torn down apart first. Also, his gun has more recoil and spread every time it fires.

The Bartlett University map is now available for PvP battles and a lot of elements have been removed to make it more suited for PvP. Other characters of "Rainbow Six Siege" also experienced some tweaks like Fuze is equipped with a bonus cluster charge. Moreover, the gas canisters of Smoke can now be hurled towards opponents similar to grenades. Blackbeard has some minor adjustments as well like his shield has less HP.

"Rainbow Six Siege" previously revealed their Year 2 season pass and gamers who purchase it are privileged to have the VIP premium membership for the game unit Feb. 2018. Eight new operators will also serve as additional content for the span of four seasons. The Year 2 pass is already available and it can be bought at the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store.

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