Duggar Family News & Update: Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar 20th Child Revealed; ‘Counting On’ Star Jill Duggar Shares Heartbreaking Miscarriage Story

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 16, 2016 07:49 AM EST

It turns out that there's literally more to "19 Kids and Counting" as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would have had a 20th child -except that she miscarried. "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" star Jill Duggar recently shared the miscarriage story of her youngest sister, which somehow caused controversy.

This week on Instagram, Jill Duggar shared how she was heartbroken by the loss of an angel in the Duggar family. It was revealed that Jim Bob and Michelle had another child and would have been the youngest Duggar sibling. However, Michelle Duggar gave birth to a stillborn five years ago. "5 years ago today my mom gave birth to my youngest little sister, Jubilee Shalom Duggar and Jesus welcomed her home to Heaven!" Jill wrote on Instagram.

Jill Duggar went on to describe that her youngest sister, born at 18 weeks on Dec. 11, had "little blue eyes," weighed only 4 oz. and measure only six inches long. The photos of the tiny hands of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's little angel were part of a memorial service, Hollywood Gossip reported. While some people were supportive of Jill Duggar's decision to post the photos, others didn't take it well and even criticize the Duggar sibling for doing it.

The death of Jim Bob and Michelle's supposedly 20th child is no big secret as the same photos were released years ago. As expected, the Duggar family was criticized for taking pictures of a stillborn and releasing it online. They were even accused of using Jubilee's death for publicity.

Meanwhile, others commented by sharing their own stories of miscarriage and praising Jill Duggar for bringing up Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's little angel. They saw Jill's good intentions and believed it was a good way to remind people how horrible abortion is. But, with differing opinions, back and forth comments from people cannot be avoided. The post even instigated a debate on religion.

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