'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide Latest News & Update: The Secret On How To Catch Gyarados Revealed!

By Beverly V. , Updated Dec 18, 2016 06:50 PM EST

Gyarados is one of the most grounded Pokemon in ''Pokemon Sun and Moon'' so its not astounding why numerous coaches need to have it on their gathering or in their Pokedex. Sadly, exchanging is not yet conceivable in the game so players who need it should discover it in the diversion to have it. So this article is about directing players discover all the Gyarados settle in the game.  

In ''Pokemon Sun and Moon'', one approach to discovering a Gyarados is through an SOS fight with a Magikarp. This technique takes a while and not all Magikarp experiences ensure a Gyarados reacting to a Magikarp's call. The fortunate thing about this technique is that Magikarp has a few home in each island of the Alola Region.  

In Melemele Island, Magikarp can be found in Melemele Meadow, Melemele Sea, and Kala'e Bay. In Akala Island players will experience a Magikarp in Paniola Town, Routes 5,7,8, and 9. With respect to Ula'ula Island, players will see Magikarps in Malie Garden, Routes 13, 14, 15 and the Secluded Shore. Finally, Magikarps found is in Seafolk Village in Poni Island, Ancient Poni Path, Poni Wilds, Poni Gauntlet, Poni Breaker Coast, and Poni Plains.  

An experience with a Magikarp in ''Pokemon Sun and Moon'' is not hard to get. The testing part is getting a Gyarados to react to its call. Also, to make a Magikarp call for help, players ought to have a Pokemon with the False Swipe move in their gathering.As per itechpost.

This move depletes the HP of the wild Pokemon down to 1 to make it call for offer assistance. On the off chance that the Pokemon that reacted to the call is not a Gyarados, the player should simply zero its HP so another will be called. Continue doing this progression until a Gyarados at long last shows up. 

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