Fallout Fan Figurines are Fabulous

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 29, 2014 12:09 PM EST

If we've learned anything with the recent TheSurvivor2299 / Fallout 4 site hoax, it's that it's that the Fallout community is made up of a truly dedicated, borderline rabid fan-base. Big as Bethesda's store is, a few Fallout hoodies and sneakers just aren't enough merch to keep everyone satisfied, so every now and again, someone with a creative flair will make their own line of Fallout fandom.

Case in point with Redditor and Fallout fan Webberley, whose custom Yes Man figurine from Fallout: New Vegas earned him big props. As a follow-up, Webberley shared what else he was working on with Reddit's Fallout community:

Below, you have a few shots of a Brotherhood of Steel figure in the requisite power armor. Sharp eyed "Dr. Who" fans will recognize it as a heavily customized Cyberman figure. According to Webberley, "the head was cast front the PS3 collector edition statue," while the armor "is sculpted with putty and built out of card."

While the Brotherhood of Steel is no doubt a Fallout trademark, it was far from the most recognizable of New Vegas' various groups and characters. With the eventual showdown between the NCR and Caesar's Legion as one of the game's central plot points, the NCR Ranger is a hard figure to ignore. Hell, one was on the damn cover. Webberley didn't forget about this troop of elite scouts that were equal part cowboy and special force soldier.

Below, you have a custom NCR Ranger, again with a Cyberman figure serving as the base, with the coat from Jonah Hex added in and acting as the troops' trademark duster. Note the LAPD RIOT scrawled in on the body armor to make it look as though it was actually scavenged from some long abandoned Los Angeles precinct.

Finally, it wouldn't be Fallout without something from the last piece of what remains of the Old World government, the Enclave. Again, Webberley based the model on Cyberman, which is fitting as the Enclave's power armor is just an upgraded version of the Brotherhood of Steel's armor. Not too shabby, but the plasma rifle imparticular is what's truly impressive.

You can see a few more images of Webberley's at this Imgur Page.

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