Huawei Honor 8 News & Update: Honor 8 Prices For 32 GB and 64 GB Models Drop

By Arah TJ , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:58 PM EST

One of the best thing about holidays is the best deals for gadgets and games. In the latest Huawei Honor 8 news and update, it suggests that there's a price drop for the Honor 8 32 GB and 64 GB models.

There are tons of smartphones that have been released in 2016, among them is Honor 8. Since it was launched, it easily garnered popularity from smartphone users because of its attractive all-glass design and dual camera setup. Aside from that, it has speedy processing package and sharp display.

With Christmas just around the corner, some companies and stores are offering great deals before the year ends. Speaking about great deals, the Honor 8 models for 32 GB and 64 GB have received a $100 price cut.

Usually, the Honor 8 retails for $399 and $449 for the 32 GB and 64 GB models. But now, Amazon is holding a sale and the aforementioned Honor 8 models have been discounted for $100 off, according to Phone Arena.

So what does it mean?

Honor 8 32 GB is now $299, while 64 GB option can be purchased for only $349. The 32 GB model is now available for purchase in Pearl White, Midnight Black, and Sapphire Blue, however, for the those who want to purchase 64 GB option, the striking Sapphire Blue has been excluded in favor of the Sunrise Gold color.

As of writing this article, Amazon did not give any information regarding how long it will hold its sale. For those Huawei 8 users in Australia, the aforementioned models are now less $100, according to Australian Network News. Users who will purchase via Amazon will get 25 percent savings.

In Australia, Huawei Honor 8 priced at $534.17 AUD or $399.99, With the discount of $100, the phone can be purchased for $299.99 ($400.63 AUD). That's all for now. For more news and update, keep your tabs on GamenGuide.

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