Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition News, Specs & Update: Console Available Soon, Here's Where to Buy; Surprising Price Baffles Purchasers

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 19, 2016 09:20 AM EST

The Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition is one of the more popular consoles to date due to the nostalgia it brings forward. That being said, fans are clamoring as to where they wish to find this particular piece of hardware at the best potential price.

For those unaware, the Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition is a console promised by Nintendo that will bring back the traditional Nintendo-based games for the current generation of players. With the same appealing look that the console was known for and the approach to bring classic games forth, it is no wonder than the popularity of the said console has gone up and still is at this point.

Recent reports claim that the Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition can be found across a number of retailers such as GameStop. They claim that they have a limited supply of the said hardware come Thursday and Friday from the time of this writing, in which purchasers are urged to consult their suppliers on how many are available near their areas. In the same manner, Best Buy is expected to sell a limited quantity.

A shocking revelation on the price for a Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition claims that purchasers can get their share of the console on eBay for over six times the normal price. The said hardware runs at $60, and for those willing to particularly release a reasonable amount of money to make sure of the purchase, eBay is ready to accept orders.

The Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition was said to have sold out over 200,000 units in over a month, simply being in the United States alone. Comparatively, the aforesaid statistics are close to the number made by the Wii U units for the past half year-and where the hardware stands at the moment, it is expected that many more will come.

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