Dark Souls II Trailer: 'Hollow Lullaby' Has Some Horrific Voiceover [VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Feb 20, 2014 03:17 PM EST

This is a joke, right? I hope this new Dark Souls 2 trailer isn't supposed to be taken seriously. If this 'Hollow Lullaby' is tongue-in-cheek then it's brilliant, but the editing suggests it's simply one of the most tonally wrong trailers for a game in recent memory. Check it out above but beware that voiceover... my god.

If you go back to Demon's Souls you'll find that ATLUS USA had the best take on the game in its ad campaign, which showcased the critical praise while stressing how hardcore it was, basically daring you to even try to play it. When Namco Bandai published Dark Souls they continued along those lines with its Prepare To Die editions, but this trailer for the sequel? This belongs in a Michael Bay movie, the last speech before the heroes head off on some monumental, world-changing adventure. What is this inspirational nonsense? There's no hope in Dark Souls games- it's bleak and brutal and gruelling as can be. There's no grand moment where you have to steel yourself to push forward in order to face one last challenge, the entire game is like that. Story doesn't matter and you aren't on some personal quest- it's all about you, the challenge you face, and how rewarding it is when you learn from your mistakes and finally push through it.

Very bizarre choice, Namco Bandai. Especially when you're recovering from the recent news that Dark Souls II is rated T for Teen and not Mature like the last two installments. Of course, a lousy trailer isn't going to change the content of the game and we have no reason to suggest that From Software has lost their magic touch at all, even if the game is a little less bloody than we've grown to expect.

Dark Souls II hits Xbox 360 and PS3 on March 14th. Prepare to die, but feel a little more inspired about doing so.

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