‘Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’ Ariana Grande To Be Guest Character In Final Fantasy Mobile Game

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 10, 2017 08:51 PM EST

The free to play title “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius” will make a move, which not many other games have dared to make. The game studio Gumi has a big surprise awaiting the fans of their game and it could change the way game cameos work.

Polygon shares information on an Instagram post by pop-singer Ariana Grande. The Nickelodeon star will have a character of her likeness added to the “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius” game. The untypical arrangement made by the pop-star and the Gumi studio will result in her own character appearing in the “Final Fantasy” free to play game. The character’s name is DW and even though it is still not sure if she will be an NPC or a recruitable character, it is known that she will bear full resemblance to Ariana Grande and will also wear the black latex bunny ears that she has on her latest album’s cover.

Ariana Grande’s direct collaboration with the game’s creators is one of historical significance, as usually pop stars would usually create games revolving around their personality and not just add a character to an already established product. Game Rant says that if things go well, this may actually turn into a trend, which the game industry has not seen before. Will this be just a one-time thing or will it boom into the newest trend in popular culture, only time can tell.

“Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius” is a well-received free to play title for IOS and Android, which can be downloaded from Google Play App Store. It includes the typical “Final Fantasy” trun based combat system, arena PVP battles, a large variety of dungeons to explore and an alluring story, which can keep you stuck to the phone over the length of many hours. “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius” is available on IOS and Android.

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