4 Resolutions Every Gamer Should Have in 2017

By MJD , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:11 PM EST

With 2016 coming to a close, there are a lot of things that gamers should look forward to for the year ahead. As changes are expected, below are four resolutions that every gamer should have in 2017.

Get A Good VR Support For Gaming Consoles

2016 marked the beginning of virtual reality (VR) gaming. Though many were excited for VR supports, the hype did not last that long this year since there were not a lot of stellar VR games to experience. However, many are expecting 2017 to present better choices for VR games. Reports indicated that better content will be fleshed out for 2017, in terms of VR gaming. With that, gamers should come prepared for what is to come.

Give Mobile Gaming A Chance -- Again

The past year has presented a lot of choices for mobile games. Though the lifepan of a mobile game is short-lived, it seems as though developers are working to improve mobile gaming for 2017. With that, the upcoming year could present games that will keep gamers more interested, boosting retention for mobile games.

Rekindle The Love For Nintendo (And Get Excited For the Universal Studios Nintendo)

Nintendo has proved to be on the rise, once again, especially after the release of "Pokemon Go." In addition, with a new console in hand, the Nintendo Switch, more can be expected out of the leading gaming company. Since Nintendo is also partnering with Universal Studios in order to create a Nintendo-themed amusement park, fans can look forward to more Nintendo festivities in 2017.

Attend the SXSW Gaming Conference & Festival

The Austin-based conference SXSW continues to gain popularity, years after its first festival. With that, the March 2017 SXSW will surely delight many gamers, as the upcoming festival is set to bring more events, compared to last year's conference. This is definitely the conference to attend this year, especially for gamers, as it will present a lot of exciting games.

With that, gamers definitely have a lot to look forward to for the year ahead. Many exciting happenings will surely take place in 2017.

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