‘Pokemon Go’ Apple Watch Version Delay Possibly Tied Up To Planned Niantic ‘Nex + Band’ Release

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 23, 2016 03:03 AM EST

Most have probably heard about the fuss tied up to the Apple Watch version of “Pokemon Go”. After initially being announced as cancelled, Niantic would later on deny the rumors and claim that the version is still happening.

The only downside is that there was no mention on when this may actually happen though a planned smart wearable pegged for release in 2017 is being singled out as the cause for the delay. This is with reference to the “Nex + Band”, something believed to be ramping up the branding and licensing efforts of the company, BGR reported.

The “Nex + Band” is seen as a similar product to the “Nex Band Evolution” which originally ran pre-orders via crowdfunding campaign last year, 9 to 5 Mac reported. The initiative never really got off and disappeared though this new licensing deal could be reviving the hype.

The “Nex + Band’s” main purpose is to enhance the game play of “Pokemon Go” players. The smart wearable features a 5-touch sensitive display with multicolor LED that should strike up the icons and notifications that many will find useful.

Aside from being an extension for the hit augmented reality game, the “Nex Band” also acts as a fitness tracker. Hence, it serves another purpose other than gaming which should draw the interest of health buffs. The Niantic smart wearable can last up to four-days on a full charge.

With the plans behind the “Nex + Band” it will be interesting how things pan up with the “Pokemon Go” Apple Watch version. There is a possibility that Niantic may rollout both the Apple Watch version and the Ingress wearable, possibly the safer assumption as of this writing.

Either way, the good news is that an Apple Watch version of “Pokemon Go” is still possible and all augmented reality players can do at this point is wait-and-see. Check out the video below to know more about Niantic’s smart wearable.

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