Pokemon Go Is Finally Here On Apple Watch; Niantic Announces Official Game Launch On Apple’s Wearable

By Danny Smith , Updated Dec 30, 2016 12:51 AM EST

Niantic answers rumors about the cancellation of Pokemon Go's integration to Apple watches with actions. After more than three months of waiting, Niantic announces on Thursday that Pokemon Go is finally available in Apple watches.

Pokemon Go was the coolest game on earth but soon after its release, players noticed the annoying game side effect that had them constantly staring at their phones. No wonder why hype increased when Niantic took stage with tech giant Apple to show that Pokemon Go can run on Apple Watches. Recode says Pokemon diehards consider the game's integration to Apple's watches as enough reason to purchase one of the pricey wearables.

Pokemon Go creator has been optimistic that the Apple Watch integration will help boost Niantic's series of game updates. The game creator aims to lure back and re-engage players who left the game early on while keeping active players on hook says Time.

Niantic CEO John Hanke tweeted to acknowledge that the Apple Watch integration proved time-consuming. Somehow, the upgrade lost some of its spark along the way but Niantic is confident that its release will add more fun into the game.

The Pokemon Go app on Apple Watch will make use of the device's fitness tracking feature. Pokemon hunting sessions maybe logged as a work-out, allowing players to include the count of their hunting steps into their daily fitness goal.

Pokemon Go on mobile usually require gamers to cover a certain distance to get a critter emerge. With the new Pokemon Go app, all steps logged on the Apple Watch will likewise lead Pokemon players closer to hatching their Pokemon eggs.

Installing the Pokemon App will allow Apple Watch to alert the player whenever a Pokemon is approaching. This will surely reduce headlines about players wandering into traffic while staring down on their cellphones.

Niantic announces that Pokemon Go players have had a lot of exercise covering more than 8.7 billion kilometers in the quest to catch 88 billion Pokemons to date. And the game maker is confident that with the game's integration into Apple Watch, the distance would grow.

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