‘Elite: Dangerous’ Player Finds Alien Life

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 09, 2017 03:46 AM EST
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An "Elite: Dangerous" has reportedly encountered an alien spaceship while playing the game.
(Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Is there intelligent life in outer space? Are there being of equal or even greater intellect floating about space, trying to find another race with which to learn, fight or trade? This question has bothered humanity for decades, but now, at least in the universe of “Elite: Dangerous”. Someone has experienced a supernatural encounter while in hyperspace.

Forbes Magazine shares information on the unexpected encounter between an ‘Elite: Dangerous’ player and an alien spaceship. A player under the name of DP Sayre was unexpectedly pulled out from hyperspace, his ship lost all power, he lost control over the systems and in front of him was revealed the sight of an alien spaceship flying before him, scanning his ship and then leaving. The video of the encounter was recorded through XBOX’s streaming service and uploaded as soon as the player managed to get back to his senses.

There is an explanation of the severity of this situation shared by GameRant. There have been rumors of the existence of alien races in the game since its beta phase a few years back. Until now players have managed to find cryptic clues, fallen ships and traces of alien life, but never an actual functioning ship. Another dashing factor in this encounter is that it happened while doing a normal hyperspace flight between two systems, such a travel has not been interrupted by anything else, but server failure. The mundane task of flying between two stars has turned into the greatest and most discussed event in the game’s history.

There has been a lot of turmoil in the game’s community since the sighting was shared on the XBOX network. Of course, skeptics shared their opinion that the footage was tampered with. Considering the fact that the video was recorded and shared through an XBOX One, this makes tampering with the video quite difficult. On the other hand, the developers of “Elite: Dangerous” shared the video through the game’s official Twitter channel and shared that the new alien species discovered is named “Thargoids”. Even though the question of alien life still bothers people in the real world, the virtual space of “Elite: Dangerous” has unveiled this secret.

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