Blizzard Announces 'Overwatch' Update, Game To Punish Players Who Use Mei's Ice Wall Cheat

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 09, 2017 07:28 AM EST

“Overwatch” is one of the most successful titles of 2016, winning numerous awards for “Game of the Year”, “Best Multiplayer” and “Best Competitive” title. It is obvious that this game has a long life before it and with it come updates and fixes, which ensure the game’s smooth flow. Here are the latest changes to Blizzard’s highly successful title.

Game Rant shares the biggest news concerning the coming update to “Overwatch”. Ana’s healing grenade will be nerfed. Its healing capacity will be halved, as this item has proven to deliver results better than intended.

Another nerf will be received by D.Va, whose armor has been lowered from 400 to 200 and the damage her bullets deal lowered from 3 to 2. Her attack speed in health will be increased to make-up for the loss of fighting power. Good news to collectors, the newest “Overwatch” update will make it possible to equip four different voice lines, sprays and emotes, so the items received from loot boxes will become more useful.

Another long expected fix comes from the exploitation of a Mei bug, Kotaku reports. Players on the 3V3 mode could use Mei’s ice wall skill to clip out of the map, which gave them the opportunity to attack enemies without being targetable. After a few weeks of silence, Blizzard has finally come with a statement on the issue saying that the bug was quite hard for them to discover and they apologize for the delay. A fix will be released soon, but they are not completely sure of its efficiency. Nonetheless players who have exploited this bug will be punished.

In completely unrelated news, IDigital Times reports that “Overwatch” is Pornhub’s 11 most searched term for 2016. The game seems to be most popular with the 18-24 user base, which has seen 833% increase in popularity of searches. The most searched characters are Tracer, Sobmra and Mercy. The game has #7 unconventional popularity in Australia and has reached #1 in both Brazil and Russia. “Overwatch” is available on PC, XBOX One and PS4 through Blizzard’s shop or private retailers.

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