'Alien' First-person VR To Be Launched

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 11, 2017 09:56 PM EST

“Alien” was one of the movies which changed the way cinema works. This visionary work of dystopian future manage to captivate the minds of audiences and scare them to the bones, giving nightmares to generations of viewers. Now the VR experience for the “Alien” franchise will be released and fans can only hope for the best.

“Alien Isolation” was an amazing re-innovation of the “Alien” gaming universe, bringing the series back to the roots of the original movie. Playstation Lifestyle has announce the release of the “Alien” VR experience, which will be made available on all major VR platforms. It is said to bring the series back to its horror roots, sending chills through the spine of players, as they traverse through the “Alien” world in a first-person VR experience.

Euro Gamer adds more details to the released information regarding the “Alien” VR experience.
Apparently it is developed to further extend the universe of the upcoming “Alien: Covenant” movie. The movie is being released on May 19th, 2017 and the game is expected to become available in the time around this date. What brings about worries is that Ridley Scott as collaborated with Fox Innovation Labs before on creating a VR Experience for his previous movie “The Martian” but it did not receive high scores. This does not stop fans from hoping for the best.

News Australia shares details on the upcoming “Alien: Covenant” movie. The movie will work as a sequel to the Prometheus movie, which was created as a prequel to the original “Alien” movie. The movie will reveal the story of the members of the colony ship Covenant. Sent on a mission in the far reaches of the galaxy, they discover a lush paradise, which fast turns into a land of horror, as the planet reveals its dark secrets. The crew will be forced to fight for their survival in an unknown world against an adversary who has lived there since the very beginning. If the VR experience carries even half of the movie’s energy, it will be quite the ride to be on. “Alien” VR Experience will be released for all major VR devices.

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